The history of

Beginner Tomesaburou Kitano
and former Fujiyaseika

Our first enterpriser Tomesaburho Kitano was born in Tondabayashi Osaka in 1905.
When he was a child he started working at Fujiyaseika owned by Meijiro Shimojyou in Tennouji Osaka.
Under teaching production technique by Mr shimojyou  he mastered and diveroped the
Production Technique of peanuts cracker, became the famous craftman in the peanuts industry. He went to China and stayed to teach the production technique.
Since Showa era the peanuts cracker industry was prospering more. Since the start of World War Ⅱit was so difficult to purchase ingredient and Fujiyaseika was stopped their operation.
Tomesaburho Kitano left Fujiyaseika and was back to his hometown and worked at a arsenal factory.
Because of the end of the war the arsenal factory was stopped operation and he was fired. He decided again to start the production of peanuts cracker.
Mr. Shimojyou advised to him to be independent to start to his own business. He was
permitted to the trade name Fujiyaseika taked over from Shimojyou and in1947 he started independently the operation of production in Suga Tondabayashi where he was born.

The foundation of Fujiyaseika

On January 28 1953 he established Fujiyaseika.Co Ltd.
Since the end of WWⅡ in 1945 to 1955 the confusion of  Japan was ended and it was able to get ingredient such as peanuts, wheat flour, rice flour, sugar to produce peanuts cracker.
But the facility of production was so poor. On the other hand, the demand of confectionery by the people was so high.

The hit product TOMISAN
in 1960's

Because of the recovery of the Japanese economy and the high economic growth the demand to purchase confectionery was so high.
Every manufacturer built up the factory and their facilities more.
In the peanuts industry the raw peanuts where made in foreign county such as China, South Africa, South America was started to import.
Against the high demand, the supply of peanuts cracker was catching up.
In these condition Fujiyaseika started sales the partial coating peanuts cracker,
TOMISAN initially in the peanuts industry.
The TOMISAN was exploded sales in Kansai area.

The award at confectionary expo
and 2nd successor Keishi Kitano

In 1977 at the National confectionery expo Fujiyaseika was received the awards of the president.
At the same time the president of Fujiyaseika was reliefed to 2nd successor Keishi Kitano from the beginner Tomesaburou.
The business of Fujiyaseika was expanding and investing to the factory and facility.

In 1985-90 the expansion business
to export to European market

In 1980's Japanese rice cracker company expanded to export business, especially to European market.
At this same business trend Fujiyaseika expanded to export business.
In the European market, especially in Dutch market, the Japanese rice and peanuts crackers got popularity as the Oriental cracker mix in the Dutch major super markets.
European like to eat roasted nuts and peanuts with drinking beer and wines.
Our Japanese cracker was accepted the new item with liquor for the taste of Europeans.

The beginning of peanuts cracker

The number of peanuts cracker manufacuturer is decreasing, now in Osaka there only 4 or 5 makers of peanuts cracker. Nationally there are only 20 makers now.
Only a few industrial people know about the beginning of peanuts cracker industry.
Since the hearsay and information the production of peanuts cracker started in the beginning of Taisho era.
At that time Osaka and Hiroshima were the center of producing, there were many manufacturer in Osaka.
In Osaka Meijiro Shimojyou of Fujiya was famous for the founder of peanuts industry and he developed the immature technique of producing peanuts cracker.
The quality and taste of peanuts cracker were improved by him.
On the other hand in Hiroshima Tannbaya was famous for the sales of peanuts.
Other many manufacturers were starting their business.
In Osaka the union of peanut cracker manufacturers was established in 1919.
The union was organized one of subsidiary association of Osaka Confectionery Union.

The definition of nuts confectionary

The nuts confectionery should be processed as roasting, frying and boiling with various nuts as peanuts, almonds and cashewnut.
In this nuts products category, our crackers are called coating nuts.
The products are categorized the items which should be coating by rice flour with sugar water and roasting and flavoring
In the peanuts industry each processing as roasting frying boiling should be used each special machinery and line, so the industry is classified the each division of the type of processing.
Fujiyaseika have been keeping the position of the oldest company which produce only coating nuts in the industry.

Corporate borosure

Corporate name FUJIYASEIKA CO.LTD.,
Corporate address 2-20-2 Suga Tondabayashi-shi Osaka Japan
Corparate phone number 81-721-52-2966
Representative director Tomio Kitano
Business outline producing and selling nuts confectionery as peanuts and beans, other nuts
Annual sale 150,000,000 JPY
Number of Employee 20 people
Corporate bank Risona bank, Mitsuisumitomo bank, Hokuriku bank
Main product Suzume no tamago, Ajikurabe, Tomisan, Osumituki no rakkasei Beans koubou rakumameya

Corporate History

1913 Beginner Tomesaburo Kitano start to work at former FUJIYASEIKA
1953 Reopening business and foundation of company by the succession of the trade name Fujiyaseika
1965 Expand business by the hit products Tomisan
1977 Receive a prize of the award of the president at the National confectionery expo
Installation the 2nd Representative director Keishi Kitano
1985 Expand business to export item to European market
1991 Start the operation at new factory and 3rd successor Tomio Kitano joined Fujiyaseika
2002 Keishi Kitano received a distinguished service award by Osaka prefecture.
2003 Release the new products lineup Beans koubou Rakumameya
2007 Start sales at the original web site
2008 Authorization of Tondabayashi Brand by the Chamber of commerce Tondabayashi
2010 Authorization of Suzume no tamago as special processed product by Osaka prefecture
2011 Installation the 3rd Representative director Tomio Kitano